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Charcoal Dancer
  • Charcoal Dancer

    SKU: 0001

    This project involves observational drawing. Observational drawing helps us see the beauty in everyday things, explore details and shadows, and look at our subject in a whole new way! It's a blast! It will really help with your drawing techniques! In your box, you will receive all the tools, supplies, and engaging moxie manual needed to do this fun activity! 


      Every art kit includes a Moxie Manual: a 12 page, full color manual complete with age appropriate, step-by-step instructions.

      • 8" wooden mannikin

      • 2 charcoal pencils

      • 1 white pastel pencil

      • Vine charcoal

      • Brown and black charcoal sticks

      • Large blending stump 

      • Kneaded eraser

      • Pencil sharpener

      • Glue stick

      • Tan cardstock

      • Sheet music collage

      • Scratch Paper

      (You will also need a pair of scissors - not included)

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