Charcoal Dancer
  • Charcoal Dancer

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    This project involves observational drawing. Observational drawing help us see the beauty in everyday things, exploring details and shadows and to look at our subject in a whole new way! It's a blast! It will really help with your drawing techniques! In your box you will receive all the tools, supplies and engaging moxie manual needed to do this fun activity! 


      This project includes:

      * 8" wooden mannikin

      *2 charcoal pencils

      *1 white pastel pencil

      *Vine charcoal

      *Brown and black charcoal sticks

      *Large blending stump 

      *Kneaded eraser

      *Pencil sharpener

      *Glue stick

      *Tan cardstock

      *Sheet music collage

      *Scratch Paper

      (You will also need a pair of scissors - not included)


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