Jester's Scepter
  • Jester's Scepter

    A MAROTTE or Jester’s SCEPTER, is a baton carried by a court jester or “fool.” The stick is usually mounted with a doll’s head wearing a hat or costume resembling the jester. The jester would use his scepter as a prop while performing. This is a great companion lesson to Shakespeare and/or Medieval Studies. 


      This project includes:

      *Moxie Manual: 8+ page, full color, bound manual. Complete with age appropriate, step-by-step instructions.

      *12 color acrylic paint set

      *Small round paintbrush

      * Small flat paintbrush

      *Wooden spoon


      *Hat template

      *Aluminum foil


      *Mini bells

      *Glue dots

      (You will also need a pair of scissors and a cup with water - not included)


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