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Golden Reflections
  • Golden Reflections

    In this project, inspired by artist, Rowan Day, you will be creating a beautiful acrylic painting with Gold Leaf accents. Get creative by designing your own silhouette. Imagine a mermaid, dolphins, or birds. The sky is literally the limit! Please note: K-5 grade are out of stock.


      Every art kit includes a Moxie Manual: a 12 page, full color manual complete with age appropriate, step-by-step instructions.

      • Mixed media paper

      • 3 Sheets of gold copper paper

      • Set of 7 Acrylic paints

      • Pencil

      • Small paintbrush

      • Large paintbrush

      • Glue Stick

      • Palette knife

      * Plastic palette

      * Black permanent marker

      * Black paper

    Excluding Sales Tax

    Save 15% with a 10 or more box order

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