My Art Journal
  • My Art Journal

    This box includes everything you'll need to create a fabulous art journal. An art journal is a visual diary. It's a place where you can record your thoughts, feelings or memories. You'll have fun expirementing with a combination of mediums and collages based on your own, personal artistic choices. This project can be adapted for any theme or subject.

    • What's Inside

      *Moxie Manual: 8+ page, full color, bound manual. Complete with age appropriate, step-by-step instructions

      *Drawing journal

      *Set of watercolor pencils

      *Small paintbrush

      *Medium paintbrish

      *Watercolor paint set

      *Ultra-fine permanent marker

      *Glue stick

      *Variety of printed scrapbook paper

      *Variety of construction paper

      *Mixed media paper

      *Scratch paper

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      We offer a flat rate shipping fee of $3.00 for all past projects and recurring monthly subscriptions.

    • Cancellation Policy

      Monthly boxes are shipped during the first week of each month. Recurring subscribers can cancel at any time prior to the 1st.