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Ready to subscribe? Awesome! Click the family photo below. Not ready to subscribe? No worries, click the box and purchase our past projects while they last! Don't forget the Art 2 Art Card Game. Click it now because it's available for purchase! Moxie products make the perfect gifts!


All lessons come in every grade level. Select a box and then choose your level.

Each art box project is carefully designed to nurture creativity and instill confidence regardless of personal conception of artistic abilities. Every month your child will create a masterpiece they will be proud of and you will want to display throughout your home as you watch their confidence grow. Our hope and vision is to help each and every child explore their inner creativity and learn to express and appreciate their own artistic potential while enjoying the arts in new ways each month.

These projects are designed for grades K-5 with adult assistance and grades 6-12 to work independently. If you have a 4-5 grade student who has some previous art experience, feel free to sign them up for our 6-8 grade boxes. Likewise, if you have a middle school student who could use some practice in the foundations of art, you may want to start them out with the elementary boxes. You can contact us at any time to adjust your subscription level as your student grows.

Popular Moxie Projects

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