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MoxieBox Art Products At A Glance

Each art kit contains everything a student needs to create an amazing piece of art, discovering new art techniques and theory, all while having fun! 


Lessons are available in ALL grade levels unless indicated.
Select a box and then choose your grade level.

Order 5 boxes (a Semester Set) or more and receive FREE shipping!

Order 10 boxes (a Year Long Set) or more and receive FREE shipping plus 15% off!

Get FREE Shipping and 15% discount on your order!

Select Your Art Boxes Now

Each art box project is carefully designed to nurture creativity and instill confidence, regardless of personal perception of artistic abilities. Students create masterpiece art projects they both take pride in and take home to share with family.

Our hope and vision is to help each and every student explore their inner creativity. We encourage them to learn to express and appreciate their own artistic potential while opening their minds to the arts in new ways. Exposure to the “arts” creates well rounded and open-minded human beings!

*Please note: A lesson may be not available in all grade levels, as they sell out.

Exciting Lesson!

Fluid Art Fantasy!

Thank You, Levi, for sharing your work with us!

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