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Hojalata Hearts
  • Hojalata Hearts

    Learn about symbolism, as well as Mexican Folk Art with this inspirational project. Young artists select their own, original theme and create a colorful work of art to represent good luck, health, and hope. This project really shines--both by the deep message behind the art as well as the shiny aluminum through which the low relief design is created. The finished art is perfect for an unforgettable gift, among other special occasions.


      Every art kit includes a Moxie Manual: a 12 page, full color manual complete with age appropriate, step-by-step instructions.

      • Aluminum sheet

      • Foam sheet

      • Black ink pad

      • Metallic Washi tape

      • Moxie Permanent Markers (Set of 12)

      • Mechanical pencil

      • 4 Glitter glue pens

      • Scratch paper (2)

    Excluding Sales Tax

    Save 15% with a 10 or more box order

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