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About Us

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn


From the start, we've aimed to create spaces that nurture inner creativity.

We've seen the impact of self-expression and art appreciation in both classroom and home settings.

MoxieBox strives to provide equitable visual arts access to all students through solution-based, turnkey learning.

Supporting community through philanthropy is a foundational value and key to our journey.  

Our Story

What started as individualized, homeschool art lessons for a group of 15 students, created by our Co-Founder Amanda Kaake, turned into accessible, unique and fun art kits for all students across grade & skill levels. Our CEO, Jim Warner, partnered up with Amanda in 2018 to bring engaging art into student's lives. From there, MoxieBox Art has blossomed into the colorful, engaging and inclusive company we are proud of, today! 

Our Mission

To create and implement the vision of nurturing inner creativity in our youth in order to help shape minds for generations to come.

CEO Message

My name is Jim Warner, co-founder and CEO of MoxieBox Art. I am honored and humbled to lead this fantastic company. MoxieBox is truly an “American Dream”. We started as a small family-run company with my co-founder Amanda Kaake. We enlisted our family and friends to help us as we started to grow; we had 0% funding but 100% dedication. In just a short number of years, we’ve grown to a medium-sized small business working with large unified school districts. 

I have such a dedicated team. We all love what we do and put that joy and love into everything we create. When a student or teacher experiences our turnkey visual art products, they can feel the difference. Our creative team dreams up amazing lesson plans with only high-quality art supplies so every student, even those who don’t think they are artistic, creates keepsake art projects.  

I am absolutely blessed to lead a company that makes a huge, positive impact on future generations. Offering a simple way for each and every student to connect with their inner artist shows them how to express themselves, and in many cases helps them discover who they are.


If you read this far, please reach out to me - I will personally come to meet with you and share our amazing story and products. We create lasting and growing partnerships with our schools and districts.


Come join our family. 

Jim Warner

Your Moxie Team

Amazing Young Artists

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