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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


Each art box project is carefully designed to nurture creativity and instill confidence regardless of personal conception of artistic abilities. Every month your child will create a masterpiece they will be proud of and you will want to display throughout your home as you watch their confidence grow. Our hope and vision is to help each and every child explore their inner creativity and learn to express and appreciate their own artistic potential while enjoying the arts in new ways each month.

Our Story

To create and implement the vision of nurturing inner creativity in our youth in order to help shape minds for generations to come. Philanthropic goals: MoxieBox will provide visual art projects to students that have no access or opportunity in their schools.

Meet The Team

President's Message

My name is Jim Warner and I am President of MoxieBox Art. I want to share with you today something I learned that I had all wrong my whole life and I’m pretty old! I used to tell people all the time “I have no artistic ability”. Does this sound familiar? Guess what! We ALL have artistic ability! It is just a matter of where we start! Some tap into that artistic ability early in life and its easy for them but the rest of us need to put in the effort to expand our artistic ability. It’s like anything else in this world. In most cases we have to work hard at school, in a sport, in a business or just about everything else if we want to succeed. Yet, for some reason when it comes to art if our children don’t show that natural ability with no outside help, many of us just write them off as not having artistic ability. Right?

Let’s take a look at what we are giving up on in our children if we don’t nurture their innate artistic ability. CREATIVITY! We are cheating our kids out of in my opinion one of the most important qualities we as parents can give our children. CREATIVTY! Do you as a parent really want to dampen your child’s creativity. Of course not but my point is many of us are. Let’s take a quick look at the majority of children in this country. Most want to spend their free time every day on technology. Cell phones, videogames , Youtube etc… When I grew up I was told I had no artistic ability but I did nurture my inner creativity because almost every day I played in the woods with my friends and we figured out how to have fun. No videogames or internet to entertain us. We went outdoors and made up ways to have fun. This doesn’t exist in today’s world because we are afraid our kids might get taken. What about at school? Are they getting their inner creativity nurtured at school? At public schools they are not because we have pulled the arts out of the schools. For Home Schoolers – Maybe or maybe you are just like me.

Why do we at MoxieBox feel creativity is so important: Now more than ever, employers are looking for creative thinkers who can move their business forward, not just academic achievers who know how to maintain the status quo. Being able to think on your feet, approach tasks from different perspectives and think ‘outside of the box’ will distinguish your child from others. Its not just about their careers its about giving them the tools that will help them in every part of their lives. Think about it? If your child can think creatively they will be a step ahead in ALL situations!

We created MoxieBox Art for this specific reason – To give ALL our students the opportunity to nurture their innate creativity through the creation of an artistic masterpiece each and every month in a safe home environment. They will ALL be successful regardless of their current abilities and will be proud of their creations each and every month. You as a proud parent will know your child is spending some time each month nurturing creativity that will help them each and every day of their life going forward. I believe you will want to decorate your home just like we do with all their amazing creations! Please join us in our mission to bring out the creativity in all children.

Best regards,
Jim Warner

Your Moxie Warriors


Collaboration with Artist Sandra Silberzweig

MB silbersenze Self Sensory Portrait - Portrait Colored.jpg

Internationally renowned artist, Sandra Silbersweig has teamed up with MoxieBox Art to share for the first time ever, her magical method. Sandra's art has inspired lessons in thousands of classrooms around the globe but, until now, her technique has not been revealed. This unique method teaches the student to visually express and understand thoughts and feelings that might otherwise be difficult to express.

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