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Beaming Butterflies
  • Beaming Butterflies

    What do butterflies mean to you? Find new ways to express emotion and ideas through new techniques for all ages. Younger students will learn about patterns, shapes and artful craftsmanship. Older students will learn beautiful layering and blending techniques with colored pencils. All students will end up with a vine of many original butterflies.


      Every art kit includes a Moxie Manual: a 12 page, full color manual complete with age appropriate, step-by-step instructions. Along with your Moxie Manual, your box includes the following supplies:

      • Set of 24 Colored Pencils

      • Butterfly Shaped Paper (5)

      • Butterfly stand

      • Ultra-Fine Moxie Marker

      • Pencil 

      • Pencil Sharpener

    Excluding Sales Tax

    Save 15% with a 10 or more box order

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