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Seashore Pour
  • Seashore Pour

    Take a dip into ocean pour painting! Learn compositional foundations and experience 3D tactile art. Fluid Art is a popular abstract painting process, created with acrylic paint, paint medium, and water. Artists are encouraged to trust their instincts and reflect on what the ocean, ecosystems, and water mean to them.


      • Moxie Manual: 12 page, full color, manual. Complete with age appropriate, step-by-step instructions. Along with your Moxie Manual, your box includes the following supplies:

      • 9”x12” Canvas

      • 6 Paint bottles

      • Swipe tool

      • Sand

      • A variety of shells

      • Paper Towels (3)

      • Craft Glue

      • Pencil

      • Cups (4)

    Excluding Sales Tax

    Save 15% with a 10 or more box order

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