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You have questions, we have answers!

  • How do I know which art kits (MoxieBoxes) are available for the grade level of my class?
    Each MoxieBox is created in the following grade levels - K-1st, 2nd-3rd, 4th-5th, 6th-8th and HS.
  • What is included in each MoxieBox?
    Each MoxieBox contains a month-long, full-color lesson plan and all necessary high-quality art supplies.
  • What about TK?
    MoxieBox is currently creating a brand new TK visual arts curriculum due to be released in January 2024.
  • How much art time does each MoxieBox provide?
    We create our kits to last a full month. All our MoxieBoxes have between 5-8 steps in the pacing guide. We expect between 1-2 hours per step. A MoxieBox is created for 6-12 hours of art time in a classroom setting.
  • Do you accept purchase orders?
  • How do I get a quote?
    Email Jim Warner at Please include the name of the lesson, quantity, and grade level (K-1st, 2nd-3rd, 4th-5th, 6th-8th or HS) and any specific shipping instructions in the email.
  • Do you offer Professional Development?
    Yes we do and it is free of charge. Training is typically held through a Zoom meeting, but can be done in person as well, depending on location. It takes about an hour to help teachers/facilitators feel confident and ready to go while using our visual arts curriculum.
  • Do you offer lesson plans in Spanish?
    Yes, however, not all lessons are available in Spanish. Email to find out availability.
  • Can you come out to our district to show us your kits and program?
    We prefer meeting in person to help you experience our turnkey, high-quality visual arts program. Just email Jim -
  • Where do I find each product that is available?
    On this website or here is a link to our online catalog -
  • What if the teacher/facilitator does not have confidence in teaching art?
    Don’t worry– we like to say, “The teacher is in the lesson manual.” Through our supply of PD, a teacher kit and a guide, we are confident that both your team and the students will have amazing success with our program. This program is designed to take stress off of teachers, and each student, in turn, will create a keepsake art project.
  • Do you have any data on districts using your program?
    We do. You can email Jim -, and he will share survey results from a large district we work with.
  • Do you offer a sibling discount?
    We do not offer sibling discounts. Our fulfillment center is unable to package different quantities of items. We understand families have limited resources for their curriculum. If you decide to purchase one box for multiple children, you will need to purchase some of the specialty supplies on your own.
  • I just ordered a MoxieBox 10 Box Set. When will I receive my box?
    Your MoxieBox(es) will be shipped within 48 hours of receipt of the order.
  • What supplies do I need to have at home for my children to complete their projects?
    All art supplies and a detailed project plan are included in the boxes. Occasionally you will need scissors or some water for brushes but everything else is included.
  • I am not artistic and afraid I won't be able to help my children with thier projects.
    MoxieBoxes have clear, step by step instructions with pictures so you will not have to worry. Some of the younger kids may need a little help with reading but our instructions are incredibly detailed and easy to follow. Part of our mission is to excite children who may not be interested in art projects. Just give us a try!
  • My child is showing no interest in art but I know how important it is to their development. Can MoxieBox help?
    Our mission is to nurture creativity in ALL children. We believe our detailed instructions and super fun, unique projects will ensure your children become confident and successful in their artistic abilities and inner creativity. If your child is still struggling, please call or e-mail us so that our creative team can provide you with the tools needed for support.
  • I would like to do a project with a group of children. Do you have a group discount?
    Yes, we do! Please call or e-mail us for group pricing on projects for 10 or more students.
  • My 5th grade son has been taking art classes for two years. Would it be a good idea to subscribe to the middle school projects?
    Absolutely. We want your student to be challenged and engaged. Give us a call or e-mail us to discuss your situation. We will honestly tell you if MoxieBox is a good fit.
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