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MoxieBox Reviews

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We absolutely LOVE when our MoxieBoxArt arrives at our doorstep! First off, the lesson plans are what sets this box apart from any other out there! Each month there is always a detailed lesson plan that is so creative and keeps my son deeply interested and inspired. Along with the amazing lesson plans, each month comes with all the supplies needed for my son to create a one of a kind piece of art!
With my son having speech delay, MoxieBoxArt has helped him communicate through art. Step by step instructions keep him focused and the best part is he gets to use his imagination and allow his creativity to flow naturally!
I would highly recommend for all families!

Jessie Anderson – February 22, 2020

The supplies are high quality. The lessons are varied and high interest. The directions are detailed and helpful. My daughter has enjoyed all of the projects this semester. I have been impressed that although she is a 6th grader, she has been able to complete them independently with only supervision needed.

Joy H – April 21, 2020

We are anxious for the arrival of the lessons!

Brynn Hagelund – September 11, 2020

I have been getting these art boxes for my little kiddo for about 2 years now. She LOVES the projects. LOVES. She really looks forward to these and these are not the only boxes we get right now. The art supplies are top quality. The projects are fun and creative. Well worth the money. Great way to expose your child to different types of art and art mediums. I have nothing but positive things to say about MOXIE Boxes… I tell everyone when asked about subscription boxes to check these out.

KMMR – February 2, 2021

More Testimonials

Sheena, Teacher
South Sutter Peak Charter

“We got our box yesterday and we LOVE it! They nearly finished their project and they plan to complete it today. I love that ALL the supplies are included, even those most companies would expect you to have and wouldn’t bother including. I love the detailed instructions and photos. The quality of EVERYTHING is fantastic. I also love how many new learning concepts are included in one project. We will be recommending this to all of our friends and we will certainly be ordering our monthly box this school year.”

Mom of middle schoolers, Karen

“My middle schoolers really enjoyed these boxes this year! They grew a lot artistically, too. We had never heard of several of the amazing supplies and various art mediums we used this year. I feel enriched both as a teacher and as an arts enthusiast! ”

A student's Mom

"My daughter has numerous, varied disabilities and often is anxious and/or frustrated.  These boxes have been a great opportunity for her to develop her creative abilities, give her a sense of satisfaction with her finished products, and it's actually been therapeutic in helping her calm and relax.  Jim helped me find the right level for her.  Thank you so very much for a wonderful product and great customer service!" 

Parent, Nickie

“We love MoxieBoxes! We have 4 kids all at different levels. Even my 1 boy that typically does not like arts loves MoxieBoxes. The instructions are detailed and educational. If you have any questions you can always email them and they are very helpful. Highly recommend.” 

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