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The Holidays are Healthier than Ever with MoxieBox Art

MURRIETTA, CA, December 1, 2021 – With recent announcements that the holidays might be canceled due to stalled cargo ships, parents can rejoice and know they can give their children the gift of art that will nurture creativity in a fun and engaging way.

MoxieBox Art kits are available now in the USA and affordably shipped for a flat rate to all 50 states. But what exactly is MoxieBox Art?

MoxieBox offers curated art projects in a box, but these aren’t your typical keep-the-kids busy arts and crafts. Developed by art teachers, artists, and creatives, MoxieBox delivers fun art projects your young artists will be excited to receive. Each box arrives by mail filled with high-quality art supplies, a detailed full-color, spiral-bound booklet with easy-to-follow instructions, and when the project is completed, your child will have a work of art to brag about. The boxes are great for holiday travel, too! Your children will become so involved in learning about featured artists and creating their projects, they will naturally and independently reduce screen time.

MoxieBox CEO, Jim Warner said, “Our art kits offer busy parents a solution to nurture inner creativity in their children as well as detaching from technology. All the supplies are provided and shipped to your door. No shopping required.”

Each art box is designed to grow with your children, starting with lessons and medium suitable for kindergarteners. The more advanced projects are suitable for middle schooler, high schoolers and their parents or grandparents. MoxieBox art projects can become your new holiday tradition, something creative to work on as a family. After the last gift has been opened, parents and children of all ages will be eager to open their MoxieBox to see what’s inside.

“Parents love our fun and engaging art kits and we are proud of the great value and easy-to-follow instructions we offer students of all ages to create a keepsake project,” Warner said.

Give the gift of one box or a full year’s subscription, starting at just $34.95. The art materials included in each kit left after working on the initial project are certain to spark more creativity.

Warner said, “Our hope and vision is to help each and every child explore their inner creativity and learn to express and appreciate their own artistic potential while enjoying the arts in new ways each month.”

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For more information:

MoxieBox Art

28039 Scott Rd.

Ste. D-393 Murrieta, CA 92563 951-821-6360

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