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ELO-P Light Up the Night
  • ELO-P Light Up the Night

    Create a real flickering night light in this chiaroscuro style art project. Learn the dramatic effects of dark and light with these beautiful oil pastels. Young artists will learn how to blend colors with oil pastels to create realistic drawings with depth. This is one of our most engaging and satisfying projects with impressive results.


      • Moxie Manual: 8+ page, full color, bound manual. Complete with age appropriate, step-by-step instructions

      • Cray-Pas Oil Pastels - Set of 24

      • 9x12 Frame

      • 9x12 Frame backing

      • Foam mounts (6)

      • White chalk marker

      • Scratch paper

      • Tea Light

      • Mylar sheet

      • Hand wipes (2)

      • Pencil

    Excluding Sales Tax
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