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Sandra Silberzweig

Order Artist Sandra Silberzweig's exciting MoxieBox and Art Journals Today!

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Internationally renowned artist, Sandra Silberzweig, has teamed up with MoxieBox Art to share her magical method—for the first time ever. Sandra's art has inspired lessons in thousands of classrooms around the globe, but until now, her tips, tricks, and technique have been kept quiet. This unique method teaches the student to visually express and understand their intuitive thoughts and feelings, which might otherwise be difficult to express.

"Once we are able to realize our emotions in the present, we are able to 'translate and transfer' these feelings onto a paper medium and create a 'personalized painted projection' of our brilliant masterpiece selves." - Sandra Silberzweig

Through a series of guided art lessons and innovative tools, the student will experience a greater 'sense' of awareness, confidence, and self-expression.

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