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Amazing Synchronicity at MoxieBox Art Remains Strong

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

By Jim Warner

The year of COVID. One thing we can all agree on is we want it to end. The year 2020 will absolutely go down in the history books for generations to come and we are all living some serious history. How powerful is synchronicity during some of the most difficult times in history?

Let me tell you. We received our largest order from a conversation at the worst event I ever attended. This happened right before our slowest months in the summer and solved our cash flow issues right when the flow of money essentially came to a halt in our country. We then received two government loans to cover our salaries and to help us expand and we have now hired four new employees. Each came to us at the perfect time with the perfect skill sets for the job we needed accomplished.

Exactly what we needed.

The virus forced me to cancel all my sales events this year and of course it was exactly what we needed. Our U.S. based suppliers shut their doors and we could not get supplies. I was forced to find suppliers overseas, and being stuck at home, had the time to focus on this and I solved our supply chain problems while saving a fortune in material costs.

Our partner schools and state government were forced to make significant changes that put many out of business or forced them to completely change how they did business. Our art boxes fit perfectly with all the new demands of COVID and we more than doubled in sales in the month of August. This, of course, brought us major growing pains and we needed some expensive database management software created to prevent some catastrophic errors. Lo and behold, thanks to synchronicity, one of my partners’ dear friends happens to be a database hero and has offered to create exactly what we need!

What else could possibly go right this year for us? Oh, I guess I should mention my dear friend Matt Kirby, the creator of the epic family game, Apples to Apples, helped us create an art appreciation game called Art 2 Art that we are launching in November. We just have to pinch ourselves to be sure this is all real.

Who wins during some of the most difficult times in American history this horrible year of 2020? Synchronicity, hands down!

First published in bUneke Magazine, issue 18,

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