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The Amazing synchronicity of MoxieBox Art

By Jim Warner

I found myself in a familiar place I love, the beginning of a new business venture. I could work endless hours with the energy generated at the very beginning of a new business. Every entrepreneur knows this place and wants this feeling to last forever.

Synchronicity is not a business strategy or something I could take a seminar for. I had to do things differently, this time, to break through the barriers of past failures, but what to do?

Amanda, my MoxieBox Art business partner’s skill sets meshed perfectly with mine, but I still knew where this would end up without synchronicity.

Then, someone called about a school where we already sold our art boxes. She asked if I would like to display and sell our art boxes at a school event, free of charge and we had a very profitable day. All I could think of, after the event was, “Why is she doing this?” I swung around in my office chair at that moment, which is something I rarely do. A book on my shelf, The Salesman and the Farmer seemed to be glowing.

I had read it years ago and it did nothing for me, but I knew right then, I’d experienced synchronicity. I started reading and couldn’t stop taking notes and highlighting sections. Once I finished the book, I hurried to Amanda’s home. I told her and her husband they had to read this book as I was blurting things out. My energy was infectious, and they were excited. Each week, we discussed the book’s information, implementing what we termed as “Farmers” stories that popped up constantly. I had found a way to connect and to keep synchronicity happening in my life!

We were flying high with the growth of our start up, when Amanda informed me we had an accounting issue, growing pains of a successful business. She tried to handle it with help from her sister, but it had become a major thorn and consumed much of her time. We knew synchronicity would come to the rescue and put those thoughts out to the universe. The next weekend, Charlie, a past business partner and friend, called. We had not spoken in at least 10 years. We caught up on what had been happening in our lives. I mentioned Moxiebox Art when he asked what new business I was working on. He asked to meet for breakfast.

When I told Amanda I was meeting with Charlie for breakfast and he was going to take care of accounting and all the corporate stuff for us, she replied, “Is he an accountant?”

I said, “Nope, but I know this is going to happen,” and gave her the specific terms I was bringing to Charlie.

I showed Charlie our MoxieBoxes after breakfast and when he asked, “How can I be part of this,” I told him about farmers and synchronicity and he agreed to the exact terms I gave him.

I would like to share just a few “farmers” stories since this amazing phenomenon. The very first event that happened after this day, we sold more than $2,600 in MoxieBox art boxes in one day. Our best day prior was $500.

Several days later, we decided our website needed to be completely overhauled. We were not sure who to use for this. Robert, a dear friend I had not spoken to in several years called to check up on me and guess what. He designs websites! He of course gave us a great deal and runs our website to this day.

Amanda and I then discussed a need to trademark and protect our intellectual property, and I had no lawyer as a trusted business partner. During a casual conversation with Susan, Robert’s wife, while he was on the phone, talked about a trademark for a client and I immediately asked if she had someone good.

She said, “Absolutely,” and gave me his email.

I sent an email that day and did not hear back for weeks. I was just about to move on when I received an email from Daniel, the patent lawyer, telling me he just returned from outside the country and was so apologetic for his late response. We set up a call for the next morning.

Daniel said, “Any friend of Robert and Susan, I will take care of.”

He offered to do it free of charge! Synchronicity was flowing! We decided from this point forward if we needed any answer and we did not know who to turn to, my business partner Amanda and I would just say the answer will come when we need it.

First published in bUneke Magazine,

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