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How Synchronicity Guided MoxieBox to Our New Home

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

By Jim Warner

Synchronicity has guided me and opened up all the right doors getting us through the most difficult year of 2020.

MoxieBox was growing so rapidly and working out of my business partner’s home was just not an option anymore. Can you imagine waking up to five employees trying to fulfill more than 1,000 MoxieBox art boxes in your living room? We knew we needed an answer to this difficult situation and we were waiting for synchronicity to show us the way.

Fulfillment of our product was the only thing Amanda, my business partner, and I disagreed about in the last four years. I wanted to contract the work and Amanda was concerned about losing our moxie feeling with our products and wanted our own place.

We knew what we needed to do. We looked at each other and calmly said let’s put it into the universe and synchronicity will do the rest. You see, choosing the path of synchronicity will test you at times to be sure you truly believe.

I left Amanda’s house and it hit me like a ton of bricks! I raced home and looked up churches really close to our houses. Thanks to COVID, churches were not using their facilities and probably struggling financially. I mailed eight letters to the closest churches and knew we had our answer.

Can you guess how many of the churches responded? One of course! We were meeting at the church within one week of me sending those letters and the facility was perfect in size and cost. We found our new home!

First published in bUneke Magazine, Issue 19,

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